New Stunning Photos Released From The Apollo Missions

The idea of being in space and journeying into the stars seems to fascinate most people, so when NASA starts a space mission, everyone tunes just in perhaps the most famous are the Apollo missions which ran from 1968 to 1972 they made history by putting man on the moon.

During the course of the Apollo space program astronauts were charged with enduring unknown perils, conducting science experiments, piloting spacecraft, walking on the surface of the moon, and comprehending sights, sounds, and physical stresses never before experienced by humans, all the while they were also asked to snap a couple thousands photographs of practically every moment with a modified Hasselblad camera, not many people know about this little NASA secret, over the course of the missions, these cameras snapped thousands of photos, capturing nearly every moment. 

Earlier this month, NASA released these photos to the public, and they're breathtaking, this was the first manned test flight, which took place in 1968 the photos capture just about everything, including the spacecraft, the crew, the surface of the moon, and of course a few humbling and inspiring images of our home planet from space while not every photo is perfectly shot the candid blurry pictures make the missions feel more intimate, and far more human, the film has yielded more than 10,000 photos in all you can see each and every one of them on Project Apollo Archive's Flickr account as well as on Facebook and Instagram, you can also learn more about the project on its official website, NASA uploaded the entire catalogue of 8,400 Apollo mission photos to Flickr spanning Apollo 7 (the first manned test flight in 1968) through Apollo 17, the final lunar mission in 1972, the effort to bring the photos online was lead by Kipp Teague of the Project Apollo Archive who first began scanning camera film magazines on behalf of the Johnson Space Center in 2004.

While we’re all used to seeing the more iconic photos like Blue Marble, the Apollo 11 bootprint, or this image of Buzz Aldrin, this random assortment of mundane moments and blurry horizons seems to highlight the humanity of the entire endeavor. Collected here are a few of our favorite shots, and you can see thousands more organized by mission on Flickr, Digg and PetaPixel also have collections of their favorites.

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